CBRE & Sprint, Cell Tower Lease Renewal, Conflict Of Interest?

By Nick G. Foster

April 24, 2015

Many of our cell tower lease landlords have been contacted by CBRE, on behalf of Sprint Nextel. When we first heard CBRE was representing Sprint in cell tower lease renewal negotiations, this came as a great surprise. CBRE is one of the largest landlord representatives, a role in which they are looking out for the property owner’s best interests. As a representative for Sprint Nextel, CBRE is looking out for their the tenant’s, Sprint Nextel’s, best interest. Which one is it? How does a company look out for both the best interest of the tenant, and the landlord in a negotiation?

Conflict-Free Consultation

Have you been contacted by CBRE on behalf of Sprint Nextel? If so, seek out a conflict-free consultation. Airwave Advisors is your trusted landlord advocate, working exclusively for landlords like you. We want to ensure you, the property owner, maximizes your opportunity in cell tower lease renewals, new cell tower leases, and cell tower lease buyouts, with maximum gains! After all, your property is an investment, maximize your return.

What Should You Do If You Have Been Contacted?

Call Airwave Advisors today. We have worked with hundreds of property owners – like you – to ensure they maximize their opportunity, leaving nothing on the table.

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