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Golf course cell tower

Often golf courses and country clubs are contacted to install a cell tower on their property. The reason the cell tower industry is interested in the golf course is due to their large amount of excess land they typically hold.

Wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, & T-Mobile like to install typically faux tree installations on the golf course. They may prefer to install the stealth like tree tower adjacent to a fairway or a driving range. The photo on the right is an AT&T cell tower installation installed adjacent to a driving range in 2019 in Carlsbad, California.


What Will The Cell Tower Installation Look Like?

As the owner, or GM, of a golf course you are in the driver seat. Most of our clients prefer that the cell tower is designed to look like a fake tree similar to other trees they have on the golf course. We can work with you and show you examples of other client’s cell tower installations

What Should We Be Asking For In Regards To Rent?

Golf courses and country clubs are uniquely positioned to ask for a higher rent and terms than other property types. This is typically due to the high land value and the surrounding land use is typically residential. A difficult to construct on land use for cell towers.

How Can You Help?

We have assisted many golf course clients over the years such as the Oakdale Golf & Country Club. Here is what our client had to say.

Our club had been contacted by AT&T about possibly buying out our lease. They were trying to strong arm us into taking the deal, luckily we found Nick Foster and his company Airwave Advisors. Nick negotiated two different deals for almost $100,000 more than what AT&T offered us. Nick was there for us anytime we called. We were pleasantly pleased with our transaction so much so that we passed Nick’s name on to others. We trust and endorse Airwave Advisors for your cell tower lease transaction.

– Rick S., General Manager, Oakdale Golf & Country Club

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Since founding Airwave Advisors® in 2014, Mr. Foster has added value to over 400 clients ranging from the State of Nevada, City of Beverly Hills, to Habitat For Humanity. Mr. Foster focuses on cell tower lease renewals, buyouts, new lease negotiation, and cell site lease management. Prior to starting Airwave Advisors® Mr. Foster founded and led the Cell Site Services Group within nationwide commercial real estate services leader Cassidy Turley (now known as Cushman & Wakefield).