3 Tips With Your Nextel Decommission

By Nick G. Foster

March 23, 2014

Nextel Cell Tower Decommissions

Sprint Nextel began decommissioning their iDEN Network back in June of 2013. Their old Nextel push-to-talk technology is no longer of value. As a result they have been shutting down their cell sites across the country. The mass decommission has and will continue to affect tens of thousands of landlords. There are some important things landlord’s need to know so they are not taken advantage of during this decommission process.

Sprint Has Hired MD7 To Contact You To Leave Junk On Your Property

Many of our clients have been contacted by MD7 on behalf of Sprint. MD7 is asking property owners if they would like any of Sprint’s equipment before they decommission their site. Some of our clients have even been told that Sprint’s antennas are of value to another carrier who can plug-and-play on their property. This of course is not true. Sprint has hired MD7 in an attempt to cut deals with landlords to decrease their decommission costs . A smart business move for Sprint, a bad business deal for landlords. It’s important for landlords to know they are in no way obligated to, and they often will receive no benefit in, doing a decommission deal.

If You Do Want Some Sprint Property, Negotiate A Termination Fee

We typically advise landlords to not accept Sprint leaving behind any equipment – period. The antennas, coax, cable trays, and auxiliary units are all junk.  However some landlords for instance want Sprint’s equipment shelter to store things in. If you want their building or some other property negotiate a “Termination Fee”. Every item you allow Sprint to keep on your property saves Sprint thousands of dollars in demolition costs. This savings should be passed through to you the landlord. Require Sprint to pay you a termination fee.

Have Any New Agreements Reviewed By A Cell Tower Attorney

If Sprint is removing all items from you property then you likely have no obligation to sign any further agreements. If you or your representative cut a deal with MD7 and/or Sprint then you may have to sign an agreement. They will likely request for you to sign a release agreement drafted by their attorneys. We highly recommend you have their agreement reviewed by an experienced cell tower attorney. We work with the best cell tower attorneys in the country who can help with any agreement Sprint wants you to sign.

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