Rogers MD7 Rent Reduction Letter

By Nick G. Foster

January 27, 2020

Whos Are MD7?

MD7 are third-party contractors working on behalf of Rogers in an effort to extend cell tower leases and to reduce rents paid to landlords. They typically start off discussions by requesting a 50% reduction in rent. The call this program a “Lease Optimization” program.

MD7 Rogers

This is fancy marketing language for taking money out of your pocket and into the pocket of their client, Rogers, by saving Rogers money on future rent payments.

Should you be discussing your Rogers lease at this time?

This is a common question we receive and often the answer is no. No you should not be discussing your lease at this time because there are too many years remaining on the lease.

If your cell tower lease has about two years left on it until lease expiration, then it is worth discussing your cell tower lease with Rogers and MD7. If your cell tower lease has by example ten or twenty years left on it – then it is a waste of time to discuss amending your agreement.

Only begin discussing your agreement when you are in a position of leverage. With a long period of time left on your agreement, you have no leverage. So it does not make sense to entertain modifying your agreement.

What About The Sites Proximity Comp Study?

Our clients have also received “Sites In Proximity Comp Study” presentations from MD7 such as the one below. Please don’t pay attention to these presentations. There is no way to ensure the information’s authenticity and that the data is not “cherry picked”. A practice of showing only the lowest rents in a specific region to present a picture that a landlord is being overpaid.

Sites in Proximity Comp Study MD7

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