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Contacted by MD7 or Black Dot Wireless?

By Nick G. Foster

February 13, 2014

Who Is MD7 and Black Dot Wireless?

Cell phone carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, have engaged third-party companies such as MD7 and Black Dot Wireless to renegotiate the terms of current cell tower leases. They call their programs “Rent Optimization“. What that really means is money out of your pocket and in to the pocket of your multi-billionaire tenant. They are hired by cell phone carriers to try to “optimize” also know as “decrease” the rent you receive from your tenant. Rent that some private landlords and non-profit organizations such as churches depend on.

[blockquote cite=”Greg F. Esq., Board Chair, Sacramento Adventist Academy”]Nick Foster of Airwave Advisors provided tremendous value in helping us better understand our cell tower lease. We can say first-hand that Nick does a great job in not only advising us landlords on the lease agreement but also in leading us to a position to obtain positive results. [/blockquote]

How Does Their Pitch Work?

Typically they start by calling you or sending you a letter presenting evidence that they are an authorized agent for the cell phone carrier they represent. In the letter it states that they would like to discuss amending or renewing your lease agreement. Often they will point to the Termination clause in your lease agreement which typically states that the tenant may terminate within a thirty (30) or sixty (60) day notice. They may then say their client is evaluating their network and your site has been identified as a high rent site or that your site is at risk for site overlap. No matter what their message is it almost always ends the same, “Your site is at risk of termination”. Is your site really at risk for termination? Unless it is Nextel site, highly to extremely unlikely. The only way to know for sure, and to sleep well at night, is to have an cell tower lease expert review your lease today.

What Are You Currently Seeing?

As of February 13, 2014, our clients have received Nextel decommission letters and AT&T lease renewal and buyout letters from MD7. The Nextel decommission letters are drafted as such that they present a huge liability for the landlord. To learn more about the Nextel decommission read our blog post, “Tips With Your Nextel Decommission”. The AT&T lease renewal letters are also not in the landlords best interest. Always remember that these companies are not looking out for your best interest, they are hired guns looking out for the best interest of their client, your tenant.

How Can Airwave Advisors Help Me?

Airwave Advisors has the strong wireless industry background and experience to help you make a truly informed decision. We can review your lease agreement, the cell tower or cell site on your property, and present to you the options the cell phone carrier may actually take should they truly want to terminate their lease with you. Usually MD7 or Black Dot’s message is a bluff, but it is important to run your lease and site by a cell tower lease expert such as Airwave Advisors just to make sure.

It’s important to engage a cell tower lease expert who serves landlords only never carriers to review any correspondence from MD7 or Black Dot. Airwave Advisors is here to help you make the best decision with your cell tower lease.

Contacted By MD7 or Black Dot Wireless?

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  1. Judy Tucker on September 5, 2014 at 7:42 am

    I am a landowner paid by MD 7. I was bullied into contracting with them about 4yrs ago. They basically threatened me into changing my T- Mobile contract to suit them. I came out on the loosing end of it.
    They are a ruthless company with no concern at all for the landowner!
    My check is direct deposited and is late almost every month. I call them about it and they are very disrespectful to the point of laughing out loud. It is late again this month.
    They have no landowner help desk.

    • Werner Spitzfaden on September 5, 2014 at 7:37 pm

      Yes…so sorry to hear this…they use intimidating and bullying tactics telling us the site could be decomissioned and we’ll lose our income. Then they make it sound like they’re doing us a favor by reducing our rent by 50% but guaranteeing it for 40 years. WOW…what a deal….but for who?

  2. Werner Spitzfaden on August 30, 2014 at 6:47 am

    MD7 unfortunately uses tactics that are intimidating and threatening. The strategies of offering fifty cents on the dollar for 40 year lease guarantees or running the risk of having the site decommissioned, creates disrespect and mistrust for companies like AT&T, who hires these hit men. Companies such as AT&T choose to bring these “hired guns” on-board to intimidate current landlords with their corporate mentality of “taking from the poor and giving to the rich”. Statements like “you run the risk of having the site move to a utility pole nearby or be replaced by microcells” is similar to the days of Mafia enforcers who threatened your business and implied that “bad” things will happen if you don’t pay up and agree to their terms. It is also unfortunate that AT&T and MD7 choose these tactics instead of coming from a “win-win” position and offer landlords buy-outs that consist of fair market offers.

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