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Founded by the nation’s leading cell tower lease expert Nick G. Foster, Airwave Advisors puts to work our years of experience negotiating cell tower leases, developing towers, and selling cell tower leases, to provide you a well-rounded expert for any situation.

Airwave Advisors has an exceptional track record of securing the highest rental rates with favorable lease terms. We take pride in providing our clients first-class consultation, support, and by adding-value from start to finish. As advisors not affiliated with any wireless carrier or cell tower lease buyout company, our interest lies solely in obtaining the best deal for YOU! We want to ensure you receive the most out of your transaction and that there is no money left on the table! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your cell tower lease.

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Have You Been Contacted By AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners? AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners (“APWIP”)  has been contacting property owners like you to buy your telecommunications lease. They offer a lump sump payment typically accompanied with an easement and requesting additional lease area. APWIP is one of many buyers to consider when entertaining a cell tower lease buyout. Who Is APWIP? APWIP was […]

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