Metro PCS Cell Tower Lease Tips

By Nick G. Foster

September 1, 2014

Metro PCS is the sixth largest wireless carrier in the US. In 2013 Metro PCS merged into  T-Mobile.  In February of this year Metro PCS announced that they would be shutting down their network in the Boston, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas markets by the end of 2014. With all this change we want to share with you some tips to help you with your Metro PCS cell tower lease.

1. Be Aware Of Metro PCS Tower Decommissions

Earlier this year Metro PCS announced they will be decommission their CDMA network and keeping some 4G sites. What does that that mean to you? If you have a Metro PCS cell tower lease consider selling your lease. The Metro PCS lease is viewed by investors as high risk due to its high possibility to disappear in upcoming years. If an investor offers you more rent than you think you will see in the future it may be worth pursuing that deal.

With all the decommission news however many cell tower lease buyout investors have seriously discounted their buyout prices for Metro PCS leases. If you are entertaining an cell tower lease buyout and the offer you receive is heavily discounted –  contact Airwave Advisors and we will secure for you offers from the top investors in the market.

2. Seek Expert Help With Airwave Advisors

With all this change with your Metro PCS cell tower lease it makes sense to seek expert help. Airwave Advisors are the most experienced cell tower lease experts in the industry with Metro PCS leases. More importantly we get YOU results!

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