Cricket’s Last Leap Before AT&T Aquisition

By Nick G. Foster

March 10, 2014

Cricket To Be Acquired By AT&T

Cricket may have made their final leap as they released their annual report before being acquired by AT&T later this month. Cricket just announced a loss of $640 million last year, up over $400 million from their loss in 2012. They are set to be acquired by AT&T in a pending $1.2 billion dollar transaction. AT&T has announced they plan on retaining the Cricket brand for now.

Why is AT&T paying $1.2 billion for what would appear as a failing company? Spectrum. It is known that Cricket has valuable spectrum, so much so that in 2012 the CEO of Leap Doug Hutcheson said 60% 0f their spectrum was not being used. AT&T can convert Leap’s spectrum into their nationwide network.

How Does This Affect You If You Have An AT&T Or Cricket Cell Tower ?

If you are an AT&T cell tower landlord you should have no worries. You have a valuable site and lease and AT&T has invested heavily nationwide to upgrade their sites to LTE technology.

If you have a Cricket cell tower, or both a Cricket and an AT&T cell tower on the same property, there is a possibility of a site decommission in the future if this deal goes through. To give you an idea some major buyers for cell tower leases already stopped purchasing Cricket cell tower leases months ago. They do not want to invest in a lease that may not be around in the near future.

What Can You Do?

Take advantage of our free consultation and have your cell tower lease reviewed by our cell tower lease experts today. We will let you know where your lease stands, the value of your lease, and the probability of a decommission.

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