Are 5G Cell Towers Dangerous?

By Nick G. Foster

November 4, 2019

Wireless carriers are currently upgrading their equipment on cell towers and cell sites to 5G technology. With all the marketing hype and news covering 5G technology people are often asking, “Is 5G technology safe?”

It’s complicated. First we need to understand…

What Is 5G Technology?

5G is the fifth-generation of mobile networks. Currently your cell phone is likely operating off of 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE technology. The latest 5G technology will be faster and able to carry more data.

5G will not only connect people, but it will also connect machines, devices, and objects. Think Teslas, drones, and smart red lights. It will deliver multi-gigabyte speeds, ultra-low latency, and massive capacity to you the consumer.

In summary, faster internet service allowing for a quick exchange of large amounts of information.

What Are The Fears Of 5G Technology?

The common fear is that 5G technology uses a very high-frequency spectrum known as millimeter wave, which has largely been untested on it’s possible health implications on humans, or any other animals.

In April the Belgium government halted a 5G test in Brussels over concerns of radiation. A study from the World Health Organization in 2011 has resurfaced stating that cell phones may cause some brain cancers. Just this month in Encinitas, California, the city put restrictions on where wireless carriers can place 5G antennas. As you can see there is a widspread concern on is 5G technology safe?

Let’s better understand radiation emitted from cell phone antennas.

What Are The Different Types Of Radiation?

We need to understand how radiation works and there are two types of radiation, non-ionizing and ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiation is emitted from wireless antennas, laser light, and even microwaves. Just like your food, when the human body is too close to non-ionizing radiation, such as a wireless antenna, it will heat up the cells in your body. Cell tower climbers have been known to get a “RF burn” when they are in front of antennas for too long of a period.

Ionizing radiation is found in X-rays, UV rays and gamma rays. All of which can be harmful to the human body. The energy from ionizing radiation can pull apart atoms, and it is known to breakdown the chemical bonds in DNA. This of course damages cells and can lead to cancer in humans.

So Does 5G Cause Cancer?

At this time the results are not conclusive. It is unknown at this time if 5G technology will, or will not, be a contributor to cancer. Only time will tell.

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