Cell Tower Lease Consultant | 7 Things To Look For

By Nick G. Foster

July 15, 2020

“Help! I Need A Cell Tower Lease Consultant!”

If you are reading this you already know. The right cell tower lease consultant can be a tremendous asset to have on your team!

Have you been approached for a new cell tower lease, a lease renewal, or a lease buyout? The right cell tower consultant can save you time and make you more money!

What criteria should you look when hiring a consultant? We share with you the Top 7 Things To Look For In A Cell Tower Lease Consultant!

1. Relevant Work Experience On The Carrier Side

When hiring a CPA, a CPA who worked for the IRS is of higher value to you than a CPA who has never worked for the IRS. The CPA with experience working for the other party will have the inside track on the other side, and will know how to capitalize on opportunities for you.

The same idea applies to cell tower lease consultants.

A consultant who represented top cell phone companies is going to be of more value to you, then a consultant who never represented a cell phone company. Some “consultants” you will find on the internet have never even visited a cell tower site first hand. They were previously working at call centers trying to buy cell tower leases, or trying to reduce your cell tower lease rent. Remember that the barrier-to-entry to label yourself a “consultant” is low. So do your homework on you want to hire and hire the best there is.

Nick G. Foster, Founder & President of Airwave Advisors, represented a Fortune 10 wireless company in negotiating their cell tower leases. He directed the leasing for hundreds of cell towers and cell sites in San Diego, California. Business decision makers within his client relied on his intuition, knowledge, and experience to help them make the best business decisions.

These expertise are at your disposal. By switching sides and moving to represent property owners over ten years ago, you now have the expert you can engage. Contact Airwave Advisors today to discuss hiring the nation’s leading cell tower lease consultant.

2. Exceptional Track Record of Results

Nick Foster of Airwave Advisors provided tremendous value in helping us better understand our cell tower lease. We can say first-hand that Nick does a great job in not only advising us landlords on the lease agreement but also in leading us to a position to obtain positive results.

Greg F. Esq., Board Chair, Sacramento Adventist Academy”

You are hiring a consultant for one thing – results. Ensure your consultant has a proven track record of results that meet your needs.

With over 45 verified testimonials Airwave Advisors leads the nation in getting results for property owners. Airwave Advisors also maintains an A+ rating with the BBB. The only cell tower lease consultant in the nation to maintain an A+ rating.

Are you looking to increase rents? relocate a cell tower? or sell your cell tower lease?

Have your consultant provide you their track record of results. Always ask for referrals, references, and call on them.

Be wary of consultants that consistently represent numbers that look unrealistic (rent increases of 300%+). If it sounds too good to be true, it typically is.

Find someone you can trust. Someone who will provide you realistic results and not kill your deal!

3. Understand Your Expert’s Proposal And Fees

Talk with your consultant to clearly define the proposed scope of work. If their proposal includes anything that was not discussed that could be a red flag.

Some consultants want 25%+ of all your rent for the rest of the life of the lease. Watch out! If it doesn’t sound right it probably isn’t right.

There is a market rate for fees. If a fee sounds high it probably is.

At the same time there are some individuals who you will find on the internet that will work for $500. If it sounds cheap, you can expect you will get the quality of service reflecting the low quality price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Make sure you are paying market for consultation services that reflect the consultant’s level of experience and expertise. Don’t over pay but don’t underpay as well. Give us a call and we will discuss a fair fee structure that works for you.

4. Confirm You Are Working With The Owner Of The Company

As the cell tower industry grows so does the size of the staff of consulting firms.

Don’t allow yourself to be passed off to an “Advisor” who is not the “Founder“.

At Airwave Advisors you will always be working with our founder, Nick G. Foster, who is fully committed to getting you results. In addition to results you will receive first-class customer service along the way. Call, text, or e-mail anytime and we will ensure you receive a prompt response.

Mr. Foster previously worked for the leading and largest commercial real estate brokerage in San Diego, Cassidy Turley, now known as Cushman & Wakefield. The rule of thumb when serving clients has always been, “Provide an update before your client asks for it”. Provide exceptional service, keep your client informed, and get results!

You deserve the best in the country – don’t settle for less.

5. Client References From Accredited Institutions

Ensure you are working with top caliber talent and require references from accredited institutions. If a cell tower lease consultant just has references from mom-and-pop property owners run.

Airwave Advisors has references from the top state attorneys, U.S. cities, top commercial real estate firms, and more. We are the trusted cell tower lease consultant to top leaders in real estate as well as private property owners.

Airwave Advisors has provided expert cell tower consultation to the nation’s top commercial real estate companies, universities, hospital systems – the list goes on and on. Request references from the top accredited institutions to make sure you are dealing with a top tier cell tower lease consultant.

6. Ensure Your Consultant Has No Conflict Of Interest

Some consultants you may find on the internet have direct conflicts of interest. Cell tower lease consultant

Some “consultants” process right of first refusal requests for AT&T, others do direct contract work for T-Mobile or AT&T.

If a consultant is performing work for a wireless carrier, you can bet their allegiance is going to be with the wireless carrier and not the property owner.

Airwave Advisors has no conflict of interest. We do not have any agreements in place with any tower companies, buyers of cell tower lease agreements, or wireless carriers. We can ensure you receive conflict-free cell tower lease consulting at all times!

7. Make Sure You Will Enjoy Who You Work With

Life is short, have fun! Some consultants can be jerks while others will be more personable. One of our competitors is our best salesman. People call that person, don’t like their personality and then they end up hiring us.

We are the go-to cell tower lease experts!

Make sure you enjoy who are working with! Most cell tower lease transactions will take months if not over a year to close. That’s a long time to put up with a jerk. Have fun and pick a cell tower lease consultant that you feel you will enjoy working with.

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  1. Nick Foster on July 25, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    Thanks for the kind words Pete!

  2. Pete Maheridis, Esq. on July 25, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    An experienced, qualified consultant is invaluable in evaluating and negotiating your lease. Nick Foster is both. Don’t settle for less. It will cost you in future earnings and possibly use of your property.

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