3 School Cell Tower Lease Tips

By Nick G. Foster

May 8, 2014

School Cell Tower Lease Lessons

Please take a seat, class is in session. Don’t worry if you didn’t do your homework we are here to help. Airwave Advisors is the only landlord cell tower lease consultant with previous experience developing and leasing cell towers on school property. From high schools to major universities. You have came to the right place and we want to provide you 3 tips on leasing cell towers on school property.

1) Schools Have Leverage In Lease Discussions

We want to share with you an industry secret. Installing cell towers on a school is often a last resort. Schools usually sit on a land use that is not preferred to locate a cell tower on. Also, cell phone companies know the challenges they face to get a cell phone tower on school property. This in return creates leverage in cell tower lease discussions with cell phone companies. They need to install a cell tower on the school property badly or they wouldn’t be there.
[blockquote cite=”Greg F., Board Chair, Sacramento Adventist Academy”]
Nick Foster of Airwave Advisors provided tremendous value in helping our school better understand our cell tower lease. We can say first-hand that Nick does a great job in not only advising us landlords on the lease agreement but also in leading us to a position to obtain positive results.[/blockquote]

2) Location, Location, Location

Cell towers on school property can provide a great source of reoccurring revenue for a school. Still sometimes they are found to be not popular by school faculty or parents. Most concerns are with radio frequency emissions and if the cell tower will cause cancer. To date we have not read any scientific studies suggesting cell towers cause cancer. Still to avoid or mitigate this discussion its important to focus on location, location, location. Directing the cell phone companies to install the cell tower on the furthest corner of the property will help some sleep at night. A popular design with many schools is a light pole design in which the cell phone company will install a new light pole to light up the school’s football field. Often the cell phone company will use a reputable contractor such as Musco Lighting who has experience developing the cell phone tower light combination. Location, Location, Location, the farther you can locate the cell phone tower away from the main campus the better.

3) Always Hire A Cell Tower Lease Expert

We are not experts in running a school and we wouldn’t expect our clients to be experts in leasing cell towers. It is therefor important to secure help from a cell tower lease experts such as Airwave Advisors. We will ensure you receive a fair market deal with rents and favorable lease terms.

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