How To Relocate Your Cell Tower

By Nick G. Foster
June 21, 2014

How Do I Relocate My Cell Tower Or Cell Site?

You have plans to redevelop or develop your property and the cell tower is in your way. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Airwave Advisors has assisted many property owners in relocating their cell towers. We have helped a range of clients from assistance in with constructing the next five star hotel in Los Angeles to the next mixed use development in a hip neighborhood in San Diego.

How Does A Relocation Typically Work?

The first thing we need to review is your cell tower lease to see if you have a relocation provision. If you have a relocation provision in your lease, then the steps and obligations of a relocation on both parties should be clear to both the tenant and the landlord. In the event that you do not have a relocation provision in your lease, we will need to discuss your overall project and strategy.

We Don’t Have A Relocation Provision, How Do We Proceed?

As of the writing of this article Airwave Advisors is currently in the process of assisting multiple clients in relocating their cell tower tenants. By engaging Airwave Advisors our clients are able to sleep well at night knowing this piece of their multi-faceted project is in the hands of professionals.

In cases where you do not have a relocation provision we need to evaluate the following:

  • Your current lease agreement.
  • Your current land or building design.
  • Your proposed development or use of the property.
  • Your project budget.
  • Your project’s timeline.

We want to execute the relocation of your tenant in a timely manner to meet your deadlines.

Who Pays To Move My Cell Tower Tenant?

It depends. If a relocation is addressed in the lease agreement then the costs should be clearly defined. In the event there is not a relocation provision, the landlord may have to pay all the costs for the tenant to relocate or a deal can be negotiated to best serve both parties. To get the best out of your relocation project hire cell tower experts such as Airwave Advisors to help you get the best deal.

 How Do We Get Started?

Give Airwave Advisors a call today to discuss your project. We  will help you take the right steps to get your cell tower tenant out of the way and to get your project on track.

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