CCIM Cell Tower Lease Discussion

By Nick G. Foster
May 18, 2015

Come join us this Wednesday, May 20, 2015, at CCIM’s Lunch & Learn:

Trends In Cell Site Leasing

There are over 5,000 cell sites in the San Diego market.  From rooftops to palm trees, cell site installations vary, but they are always somewhere on a property near you!   They can provide a great source of rental income for property owners, but there are risks and pitfalls too.  The wireless industry employs dedicated specialists to acquire sites and negotiate its leases, so property owners and their representatives should also equip themselves with knowledge about this unique market niche.  Come join CCIM and some of San Diego’s leading cell site lease experts, to learn about the cell site market, industry trends, opportunities, rental rates, and leasing tips.


Nick G. Foster, President, Airwave Advisors

Robert “Tripp” May III, Partner, Telecom Law Firm, PC

Moderator: Karen MacLeod, LLB CCIM

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