3 Tips With Your Crown Castle Cell Tower Lease

By Nick G. Foster

April 25, 2014

Crown Castle Cell Tower Lease Tips

With ownership interest in approximately 40,000 cell towers, Crown Castle is the largest cell tower owner in the United States. They are experienced and know how to get the most out of their cell tower lease with property owners.  It is therefor important that you as a landlord do not sign any documents you receive from Crown Castle without first having them reviewed by a cell tower expert such as Airwave Advisors. We have experienced Crown Castle contacting landlords to sign many documents that are not in the landlord’s best interest. As the leading landlord advocate we want to share with you 3 tips to help you with your Crown Castle cell tower lease:

1. Proceed With Caution With Buyout Offers

Crown Castle is making unsolicited buyout offers to many landlords well below market value. Crown knows the market value of your lease and they also know that landlords typically don’t know the value of their lease. They therefor will try to buy your cell tower lease for as cheap as possible, leaving you potentially hundreds of thousands dollars left on the table. If you want to know the true value of your lease or if you are considering cashing in on your cell tower lease for a lump sum, contact Airwave Advisors today to have your cell tower lease reviewed.

2. Seek An Expert’s Advice With Lease Extensions

I met with Nick at my property and engaged his services to assist us with our lease renewal. Nick was very professional, timely, and obtained results that greatly exceeded his fees. I would highly recommend Nick’s services to any landlords that have cell tower leases coming up for renewals!

Kenny M., Managing Partner, MAR Investments”

Crown Castle is currently asking for lease extensions on all their cell towers. Often these lease extensions may not be in your best interest. Extending a lease locks the landlord in for an additional time frame however it does NOT lock in Crown Castle. Typically there is termination language in the lease that will allow Crown Castle out of the lease within 30 days. To know for sure if their offer is a good or bad deal it is best to have any offer reviewed by a cell tower lease expert such as Airwave Advisors.

3. Get A Better Understanding Of Your Cell Tower

One of the most common questions we receive is “What is on my tower?’ Knowledge is power and fully understanding the equipment, tenants, and value of your tower is power in discussions with Crown Castle. Don’t let Crown Castle have the upper hand in discussions with your property.

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